Drawing Professor Testimonials

This is a new feature of the Drawing Professor website. Although the drawing course is relatively new we are already receiving rave reviews from our current students. Take a look for yourself below.


"I like that the theory is precise, beginner friendly, and that the course has a very practical approach, allowing me to draw more than read. I'm already seeing improvements in my drawings, and I'm certainly enjoying the progress. It's fun!"

Steffen H.
Bergen, Norway


"I have always loved the arts, especially drawing, but never got the chance to go to any drawing course or get any lessons. Drawing Professor gave me this opportunity to learn how to draw and practice in my own free time. The lessons are very understandable and student friendly. I enjoy the exercises and look forward to uploading my assignments. I can't wait to receive feedback from teachers because their comments are very useful as well as encouraging. I myself see how I have improved and am much more comfortable sketching in public. I am really enjoying the course and can see myself registering for more courses with drawing professor in the future."

Zohreh J.

Dublin, Ireland


Thank you for your feedback and the encouraging comments. I now understand the areas where I missed and I'll try to pay more attention to them from now on.

I haven't taken any drawing or art classes before, but it's my favourite hobby to draw since long time and I'm trying to improve it with your course.

Ahmad A.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia