Drawing Course Grants

We at Drawing Professor believe arts education should be made accessible to everyone with a passion for learning and creating.  If you are eager to enroll in our introductory drawing course but are restricted by financial considerations, please consider applying for one of our education grants. 

Who can apply for grants?

Anyone with financial need can apply for a grant through Drawing Professor. Upon acceptance, the cost to you is only $39.99

How does it work and how do I apply?

Applying for our grants is a very straight forward and quick process. All you need to do is email us your request using the form below. Please outline the following 2 considerations:

1. Your financial need
2. Your desire to participate in the drawing course

When we receive your grant application we will review it and contact you within 24 hours. From this time you have 2 days to accept our offer before the grant offer expires. If we decline your request, you may re-apply at a later date.  (Maximum: One application per person, per month.) We do this because we only have a certain amount of money set aside each month which we can dedicate to grants. We want to make sure all of the money is used for those who want to take advantage of this program. Therefore, if you are serious about applying for our grant program, we kindly ask that you commit to our course within a 48 hour period after your acceptance.

If you don't accept our offer, then you simply forfeit your grant for this month and will need to re-apply next month.

If you receive a grant, the money goes towards reducing your enrollment costs. We hope to see those needing financial aid use this program. To apply for a grant simply use the grant application form below. In the body of the email introduce yourself and let us know about your desire to participate in our drawing course.

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