Drawing Lessons

The joy of visual self-expression can be yours and the journey will be fun. We guarantee it. Imagine creating characters, cartoon worlds, redesigning your living space, sketching your child, your partner or your favorite pet. Then, there is the world around us to explore with pen, pencil or charcoal and your favorite sketchpad. 

Enroll in our online drawing lessons and our team of drawing professors will teach you how to draw using both basic and advanced techniques. The course has been reviewed by artists who are just starting out and their feedback tells us that our course is easily understood by beginners. Below is but one student testimonial we have received in the short time that Drawing Professor has been available.

I have always loved the arts, especially drawing, but never got the chance to go to any drawing course or get any lessons. Drawing Professor gave me this opportunity to learn how to draw and practice in my own free time. The lessons are very understandable and student friendly. I enjoy the exercises and look forward to uploading my assignments. I can't wait to receive feedback from teachers because their comments are very useful as well as encouraging. I myself see how I have improved and am much more comfortable sketching in public. I am really enjoying the course and can see myself registering for more courses with drawing professor in the future.

Zohreh J.

Dublin, Ireland

Drawing is a great way to creatively relax your mind. All your worries and cares will be temporarily shelved, as you explore the subject of your choice. The concentration that is necessary when one draws becomes a form of creative, active meditation - great for the soul, the mind and, especially, the creative spirit that dwells in all of us-just waiting to be awakened



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