How to Draw People

Learning how to draw people is considered by many to be the ultimate challenge in ones development as an artist because it incorporates all that one learns about shapes, perspective, shading and proportion. Moreover, it is a subject matter with which both artist and viewer are intimately familiar therefore even minor mistakes tend to be much more noticeable. Common mistakes when drawing people involve proportion and the rendering of form. To avoid such mistakes, the human figure must be examined carefully to achieve accurate anatomical proportions. Special consideration must also be given to light and shadow and its role in the creation of depth.

The study of how to draw people is known as life drawing or figure drawing. The act of observing people around you and transcribing their figure and emotions to the page can be truly intriguing and insightful. When learning how to draw people, there are many different subjects that one must comprehend well, such as shapes, proportion, perspective and shading. Each of these topics, although very important in and of themselves are especially important when it comes to learning how to draw people.

Drawing Professor offers students a comprehensive guide on how to draw people as part of an introductory drawing course. The lessons are packed with learning material on how to draw people, portraits, nudes, clothed figures, and much more. When learning how to draw people, you won't just learn how to draw the human anatomy, you'll learn how to draw people in different poses, establish equilibrium, capture gestures, expressions and more. There is a lot involved in how to draw people and proper instruction is key.

Drawing Professor's team of fine arts professionals and design specialists have developed the ultimate tool for learning how to draw people online; a comprehensive drawing course comprised of 14 multimedia drawing lessons, each with practical exercises, quizzes and assignments. As of student of Drawing Professor, you will have access to professional feedback on your drawings which ensures you progress quickly as an artist. 

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