Art School

Art schools are sought after by people of all ages. They provide art classes in drawing, painting, photography and many other art forms. When it comes to art schools, there are many variations. Some are large and formal, others small and informal. Some art schools specialize in one medium, while others offer more of a general arts education. All art schools cover the basics of perspective, proportion and composition and gradually progress to more advanced subjects. Unfortunately, the price tag of art schools can be very high, making them virtually inaccessible to the vast majority of people seeking to develop their artistic abilities.

Fortunately, the proliferation of the internet has made enrollment in online art schools highly accessible. Now, people can learn how to draw by registering in an online drawing class for a fraction of the cost. The internet also allows for a multi-media teaching approach, an enticing feature for people of all ages. Likewise, online art schools are not limited by regional barriers, making it possible for people to learn how to draw from anywhere in the world.

Drawing Professor is one of these art schools that has chosen to make art classes accessible. It's online introductory drawing course was developed by a team of fine arts professionals and design specialists offering students of all drawing levels an opportunity to learn more about drawing.

Course material is divided into 14 comprehensive lessons, ranging from basic to advanced drawing skills and incorporates hundreds of images and video features to aid the learning process. Each lesson is comprised of theory and practical exercises as well as a final quiz and assignment. Students of the Drawing Professor art school are encouraged to upload their assignments for review to our student community to receive invaluable feedback from our team of highly qualified instructors. To learn more about our online art school, please take a moment to browse the Drawing Professor website.